When we tumble, will we fall?

I'm not ready for the tumble.

Close, but not quite there.

There is no crystal ball needed to say with a certain amount of confidence that great upheaval and instability are in our (near) future. There are just too many fronts in our war against self-sabotage.

Pick your poison...

We could get slapped back to the stone age at any moment, it takes only seconds to craft a short list of the man-made (and avoidable) blisters about to burst.

Over population, climate change, political revolution, untended nuclear weapons, mono-agriculture, peak oil, pollution. Then there are also the regular guarantee of earthquakes, tsunami's, influenza, blizzards, hurricanes, drought, wildfires and the ilk in the mix.

So every once in awhile I allow myself to fall into the paranoia of a survivalist and start down the checklist:
  • 3 months of food? Give or take.
  • 1 month of water or means to purify? Yes.
  • Medicine, antibiotics, and first aid? Yes.
  • Alternative local food sourcing? Yes.
  • Year around climate protection? Mostly.
  • Optomistic attitude should the lights go out? Nope.

And there it is, the final part of survival that most experts say is a necessity in order to get through the dark nights. Will we be "okay" when the lights go out, the gas stops flowing, and the grocery stores have empty shelves? How long until each community follows the Lord of the Flies into militant power struggles with only violent choices?

Can anything be done to prevent the fear from taking hold of us and choking the best and most gracious parts of humanity?

When the lights go out, when Marshall Law has taken effect and curfew been announced, when rice is rationed, water putrid and the courthouse quiet, then is the time find our courage, to open our doors, hearts, and minds to the truths that we belive to be most true. If we tumble will we fall, or will we stand for those things we value?




Should the shadow fall on us, take to the streets with banners and bells. Spread the word that we are not powerless. Share your bread and bread will be shared with you. Survival of the pack requires the pack. A community must commune.

Am I ready for the tumble? Yes.

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