The Ethics of Green Commerce

There is something brewing in my mind concerning the "green" movement.

I use the term green to encompass all activities that could be considered sustainable to our species on this planet. Perhaps, I hope, we will also salvage our societies, norms, and traditions along the way. Is it possible that amidst the crush of overpopulation, pollution, and natural resource depletion we will find the sanity to stop our consumption and preserve our art?

Time will tell.

My concern, my question, is as we make a move to a more sustainable future, will we encourage our moral compass to follow suit? Will the new green enconomy be one that still dwells on profits soley or will we expand our ideas of business to be more inclusive of community and spirit?

Though it will require mega-corps to help mass distribute energy saving technologies like CFLs, and hybrd cars, we can not expect their interests to ever be far from stake holder profit margins. It is not their strength.

But we can expect more from the individual who decides when and with whom to share their personal wealth. If we want to shift the world into the new paradigm of responsibility I suggest that we begin with our own sphere of influence.

Buy local.

Buy less.

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